The key dental opinion leaders agency

Gain access to some of the world's most influential dental figures

Ethical and powerful brand exposure

A new arm to Catalyst Sales and Marketing, that looks to marry dental companies’ products and services with key opinion leader led marketing campaigns. The goal is to increase client sales in the most transparent possible way, whilst ensuring dental key opinion figures are both properly and ethically represented.

Direct Access

Gain direct access to powerful dental figures through Catalyst Agency

Social Media Campaigns

Ignite tailor made social media campaigns for explosive growth

Ethical Product Endorsement

We represent opinion leaders that take the time to understand your product or service

Market Research

Helping you understand your market through social media engagement polls

What is in it for Dental Companies?

• Access to a wealth of dental professionals, who can communicate with huge audiences

• Structured, professional sales campaigns, that will be managed by Catalyst

• Assurances that any all communications will be slick, professional and in-keeping with your company ethos

• Full sales transparency

• Report on activity, levels of engagement and revenue generated

• Peace of mind you are working with someone who has over 12 years of experience in the dental trade

What is in it for Dental Professionals?

• Opportunity to work with the dental organisations products and services you love and trust

• Proper remuneration for any marketing activity you may conduct in line with other European Dental markets

• Centralisation of the negotiations, ensuring you are properly and fairly represented

• Save huge amounts of time, so you can focus on what you do best

• No administrative issues; Catalyst will do the client liaison and ensure invoices are paid

What is in it for Catalyst?

An open, honest 10% on any agreed fee